InFocus Datenprojektor LP730
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Technische Daten
Display Specification
Type 3 x 1.3-inch polysilicon TFT LCDs, with dichroic optical system for enhanced color accuracy and saturation
Resolution True 1,024 x 768 XGA, with intelligent compression for 1,280 x 1,024 SXGA. Resizing for 800x600 SVGA, 640x480 VGA and Mac computer images
Brightness 400 Lumens, ANSI 9-point measurement
Contrast Ratio 300:1
Colors 16.7 Million
Zoom Lens Range 1:1.3 from wide-angle to telephoto. Manual zoom & focus.
Zoom Lens Ratio Wide-angle .76:1
Telephoto .57:1

(Diagonal Image Size:Distance from screen) To calculate the image size at any projection distance, see the Image Size Calculator.

Aspect Ratio 4:3
Focus Range Wide-angle: 30-300" (.76m - 7.62m)
Telephoto: 21-210" (.53m - 5.33m)
Keystone Correction Wide-angle: corrected for 13░ projection angle
Telephoto: corrected for 10░ projection angle

(angle from center of lens to center of image is 10-13 degrees depending on zoom lens setting).

Lamp 150-watt Metal Halide with 2,000 hrs life. User replaceable.


Compatibility Specification
Computer Compatibility LP-0730-ZV: PC, Mac, HP and SGI workstations with HD15 video connections.

LP-0730-WS: PC, Mac, HP and SGI workstations with HD15 video connections, and with 13W3 Sun and 13W3 SGI video connections.

Computer Compatibility Method Plug-and-project auto synchronization, auto tracking, auto positioning, auto source detect.
Computer Compatibility Range 1,280 x 1,024 50-76Hz (compressed)*

1,024 x 768 50-100Hz

800 x 600, 640 x 480 50-100Hz.

*Resolutions higher or lower than 1,024 x 768 will be resized to fill the screen when Auto Resize is enabled in the projector menu. Set the computer source to 1,024 x 768 resolution to achieve optimal projection quality.

Video Compatibility Full NTSC, NTSC 4.43, PAL BGHI, SECAM M
Video Resizing Line-doubling used to resize video images. All video modes completely fill the screen.


Connections Specification
Computer Input, Computer Audio Input, Computer Mouse Output 1 computer input using In Focus CableWizard System. CableWizard includes computer audio input, mouse input, monitor output.

36-pin IEEE-1284 type connection. Includes Computer, Audio and Mouse.

Composite Video Input RCA Receptacle (Yellow)
S-Video Input Round Mini-Din, 4-pin Receptacle
Video Stereo Audio Input Left: RCA Receptacle (White)
Right: RCA Receptacle (Red)
Stereo Audio Line Output 3.5mm stereo mini-jack for external amplifier or amplified speakers.
Wired Remote Input 2.5mm stereo micro-jack
Kensington Lock Kensington lock compatible feature allows addition of anti-theft cable.


Controls Specification
Power Switch Toggle switch next to AC input jack.
User Interface (On-screen menu controls, Keypad, Remote) See LP730 User Guide
Elevator Release Single button releases elevator foot. When depressed, allows adjustment of projection angle. When released, projector stays locked in this position.
Tilt Foot One rear foot has a screw-type adjustment to allow the projector side-to-side tilt to be adjusted.
Focus/Zoom Rings Two concentric rings on projection lens. Both turn approx. 120 degrees. Focus is nearest to front of lens, adjusts image focus. Zoom is behind focus, adjusts the image size without affecting focus.
LED indicators See LP730 User Guide


Physical Specification
Size 6.0 in. (h) x 10.4 in. (w) x 13.2 in. (l) (w/o lens & handle)
15.3cm x 26.4cm x 33.5cm

6.0 in. (h) x 11.7 in. (w) x 15.2 in. (l) (w/ lens & handle)
15.3cm x 29.8cm x 38.6cm

Weight 12.9 lb. (5.86 Kg)


Electrical Specification
Power Consumption 255 watts
Power Supply 100-240V 50-60Hz
Fuse Rating 250V, 6.3A
Composite TV Input 1.0Vp-p, 75W
S-Video TV Input Luminance: 1.0Vp-p, 75W Chrominance: 0.286Vp-p, 75W
Stereo Audio Input 142mV-rms, 47KW
Audio Line Output 142mV-rms, 600W
Wired Remote Input TTL input levels
Audio System 3W monaural
Audio Frequency Response 300-10KHz +/- 3dB
Remote Range 15m (50ft) at 0 degrees to front or rear of unit

9m (30ft) at +/- 45 degrees


Software Specification
FLASH ROM Software is serial Downloadable & Upgradeable using IFS provided PC application. See System Software.
Serial Interface Can control all projector functions via serial interface.
External Spec available for customer use.


Environmental Specification
Noise 39 dB @ 1m
Temperature Operating: 10 to 40 C
Non-operating: -20 to 70 C
Humidity Operating: 5 to 95% relative, non-condensing
Non-operating: 5 to 95% relative, non-condensing
Altitude Operating: 0 to 10,000ft @ 40 C
Non-operating: 0 to 40,000ft @ 70 C


Regulatory & Safety Specification
Safety UL1950 (USA)
CUL (Canada)
TUV EN60950 (EC)
Electromagnetic (EMI) FCC part15, subpart J, Class B (USA)
EMC Directive CISPR Class B (EC)


Warranty Specification
Warranty One year parts and labor


User Guide Section (PDF-Datei) PDF File Size
Quick Start to Using Projectors 153KB
Table of Contents 16KB
Safety Summary 19KB
Introduction (Compatibility, Unpacking, Usage Guidelines, Warranty) 101KB
Setting Up the Projector (Connections and Set-up Procedures) 359KB
Using the Projector (Using On-Screen Menus, Adjusting Image, Using Remote & Keypad) 377KB
Maintenance & Troubleshooting (Changing Lamp, Cleaning Lens, Solutions to Common Problems) 91KB
Appendix (Accessory Part Numbers, Specifications) 64KB
Index 61KB
Ceiling Mount Installation Guide 266KB