HP Vectra XM PC

Series 4

"Unmatched Manageability in a Powerful Network-Ready PC"

  • Full range of Intel Pentium processors, up to 200-MHz
  • S3 Trio 64 Plug and Play controller
  • Bus master Enhanced IDE with PIO Mode 4 support
  • Integrated PCI 10Base-T Ethernet
  • Certifications for a wide range of networking environments
  • Breakthrough LAN Remote Power technology
  • Preloaded HP DMI
  • Advanced security
  • Flexible Internet access

PC System Features

  • Intel Pentium 120-, 133-, 150-, 166-, or 200-MHz processor
  • Desktop
  • HP Windows 95 Keyboard with HP-exclusive, instant-on StartKey
  • HP Mouse (hard disk models)
  • 16-MB standard Extended Data Output (EDO) DRAM, expandable to 128-MB1 through industry-standard, 60-ns SIMMs (6 SIMM slots total)
  • 256-KB, pipeline burst-synchronous cache
Video subsystem
  • Standard models:
    • Integrated 64-bit S3 Trio64 Plug-&-Play video controller on the PCI bus
    • 1-MB, 60-ns DRAM, expandable to 2-MB
    • Up to 1280 X 1200 X 256 colors in non-interlaced mode
  • High-performance models:
    • Matrox Millennium card installed in one PCI slot
    • 2-MB, dual-ported WRAM, upgradable to 4-MB (with HP-supplied accessory D3557A) or 8-MB (with Matrox-supplied accessory)
    • Up to 1600 X 1200 X 256 colors with 2-MB memory or 1600 X 1200 X 16.7M colors with 8-MB memory
  • High-performance models only (except D4225A): 8X-speed EIDE CD-ROM
Audio subsystem
  • High-performance models only:
    • Integrated, Plug-&-Play Sound BlasterTM 16 and Sound Blaster Pro-compatible audio
    • Advanced, software-based, real-time, full-duplex audio with automatic dynamic filtering for digital audio recording and playback
    • Built-in speaker and ergonomic volume control
    • Compression/decompression system
    • MPC-3-compliant
Mass storage shelves
  • Four shelves (three front-accessible):
    • One front-accessible with standard third-height 3.5-inch floppy drive installed
    • One front-accessible half-height 5.25-inch for 1.2-MB floppy drive, CD-ROM drive, or tape backup
    • One front-accessible third-height for 3.5-inch or 5.25-inch device or internal second hard disk drive
    • One internal third-height with 3.5-inch primary hard disk drive
Accessory slots
  • Four slots: one full-length ISA, one short-length ISA2, one full-length PCI, and one full-length PCI or ISA
Floppy disk drive
  • Third-height, 3.5-inch, 1.44-MB floppy drive installed
Hard disk drives
  • 840-MB, 1.28-GB, and 2.5-GB EIDE
Hard disk controller
  • PCI Bus Master Enhanced-IDE controller with PIO Mode 4 support
Built-in I/O
  • Two 9-pin serial ports (16550 UART)
  • One 25-pin parallel port (ECP/EPP bi-directional Centronics supporting IEEE 1284)
  • Mini-DIN keyboard and mouse ports
  • 15-pin VGA connector
  • VESA connector for VGA pass-through
  • RJ-45 Ethernet connector
  • Pentium OverDriveTM support
  • Flash EEPROM for convenient BIOS upgrades

1  To reach maximum memory capacity, original SIMM modules must be replaced with 32-MB SIMMs.

2  Accommodates one short ISA adapter card up to 6.3 inches.

Communication Features

Integrated Ethernet LAN
  • 32-bit PCI Bus Master 10Base-T Ethernet controller
  • Low CPU usage releases resources for local user tasks
  • Parallel Transferring MS-DOS® ODI driver for high throughput
  • LAN activity LED
Preconfigured networking
  • Ultra-fast installation
  • MAC address visible from PC configuration summary screen
  • Preconfigured Novell and Microsoft network clients
  • Integrated, multiprotocol boot-ROM for Novell and Microsoft networks
Preloaded LAN drivers
  • Novell NetWare® 3.x/4.x clients
  • Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT clients
  • Banyan VINES® client
  • DEC PathWorksTM client
  • IBM® OS/2® Warp Connect
  • Preloaded Microsoft 32-bit TCP/IP stack
  • Driver to support numerous other TCP/IP stacks, such as PC-TCP and PC-NFS
  • Optional ROM socket for third-party TCP/IP boot-ROM
  • Novell
  • Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, Windows NT Workstation
  • Banyan VINES
  • DEC PathWorks
  • IBM OS/2 Warp
LAN messaging
  • Preinstalled HP Message Sender utility allows immediate sharing of information from simple text to complex binary files across the LAN
Network Administrator Guide
  • Online and printed guide provides network and remote boot setup information for complex environments
Easy driver updates
  • Latest drivers available directly from HP BBS, Internet FTP, World Wide Web, and the HP Forum on CompuServeTM
Other connections
  • Optional HP coax module (D3979A) for ThinLAN connection
  • Tested with leading Token Ring adapters
Flexible Internet access
  • Netscape Navigator 2.01
  • Investment protection with free upgrade to versions 3.0 and 4.0 when available from Netscape1
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (with Windows 95 models only)

1 Netscape Navigator available on high-performance models only.

PC Management Features

  • Integrated, easy-to-use desktop management tool for end users and network administrators for efficient inventory, configuration, and security management:
    • More than 300 HP Vectra XM Series 4 PC attributes can be viewed and monitored locally and remotely over the network
    • Integration with HP OpenView for Windows provides remote network access to perform administration and help desk tasks
    • Full DMI-standards-based management
  • Efficient inventory and asset management
    • Complete inventory data, such as manufacturer, model, serial number, BIOS, memory, CPU, video, and display
    • Shows number of installed disk drives and ports
    • PC serial number stored in non-volatile memory
    • Customized asset label ("tattoo") of up to 80 characters
  • Efficient configuration management and troubleshooting
    • Comprehensive retrieval of configuration, such as BIOS manufacturer and version, system cache, logical memory, and hard disk characteristics
    • Enable/disable PC booting from remote server or floppy drive for remote configuration
    • Remote reboot capability to activate new configuration
  • Monitor and configure HP Vectra XM Series 4 PC's advanced security features
  • View multi-level password status and history
  • Remotely control access to PC and data to prevent unauthorized access
  • Remotely lock keyboard, mouse, reset, and power on/off buttons
  • Allows PC to be "woken up" remotely through the LAN from sleep and power-off modes to perform system administration at off-hours, minimizing business disruption
  • SMART System hard disks and preinstalled Symantec Norton Smart Doctor diagnostic software for Windows 95 constantly monitor and provide hard disk fault management
  • Optional ROM socket for third-party virus protection firmware
HPOpen View for Windows
  • Provides complete, remote administration of all manageable HP Vectra XM Series 4 PC attributes
  • DMI and SNMP industry-standards-based management
  • Support for TCP/IP and IPX protocols
  • Allows administrator to
    • Auto-discover, lay out, and manage all DMI-enabled networked PCs
    • Retrieve and manage all DMI-supported PC attributes
    • Query multiple PCs, management groups, and attributes
    • Export data to, for example, spreadsheet programs and word processors
    • Repeatedly get and display data automatically
    • Remotely power on and off the HP Vectra XM Series 4 PCs
LANmanagement application support
  • HP Vectra XM Series 4 PCs can be managed by the leading LANmanagement applications, such as HPOpenView for Windows, HPOpenView for UNIX®, Intel LANDesk Management Suite, McAfee Saber LAN Workstation, Microsoft Systems Management Server, Symantec Norton Administrator for Networks, and IBM PCSystemView for OS/2 Warp

Features for Trouble-Free Personal Computing

Advanced security
  • Configuration settings and passwords stored in non-erasable, serial EEPROM to protect against corruption and unauthorized modifications
  • Two-level password protection with maximum password length extended to 32 characters (meets C2 password requirements)
  • Ability to limit password validity time and number of log-in retries
  • Password-protected I/O ports and drive enable/disable options
  • Front-panel button immediately locks keyboard, mouse, and reset and on/off buttons
  • Chassis keylock and security bracket
Ergonomic/environmental design
  • Vectra Ergonomic Power Solution for easy power-on from keyboard space bar and power-off through Windows 95 shutdown capability
  • Low-noise, variable-speed fan
  • Ergonomic video modes supporting non-interlaced resolutions up to 1280 X 1024
  • EPA ENERGY STARSM-certified (standard configurations)1
  • Advanced Power Management (APM 1.1) with "standby" and "sleep" modes for reduced power consumption
  • LAN Remote Power technology
  • CFC-free; single plastic for easy recycling
Preinstalled software (hard disk models)
  • Windows for Workgroups 3.11/MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 952
  • Symantec Norton Smart Doctor
  • Easy-to-use HP Vectra Pack utilities:
    • HP Message Sender
    • Dashboard 2.0 desktop organizer (WfW 3.11 only)
    • HP User Tool for ease of configuration (WfW 3.11 only)
    • Mouse Control Center
    • ISA Plug & Play
    • Advanced Power Management
    • HP TopTOOLS desktop management tool
    • Discover Your HP Vectra (with Windows 95 only)
Ease of setup and service
  • Snap on/off cover; no screws
  • Flash BIOS (EEPROM) for fast, easy upgrades
  • Industry-leading technical support program
  • Free 3-year limited warranty (1-year on-site, next-business-day; 2-year carry-in)

1 All models are ENERGY STAR-certified except D4224A, D4225A, D4226A, D4227A, and D4228A.

2 Hard disk drive models include two Microsoft operating systems. You must make a ONE-TIME selection of the operating system you want to use. Once you make your selection, you may not change it unless you purchase a separate license.

Optional Accessories

Memory upgrades1
  • EDO DRAM (128-MB maximum):
    • 8-MB, 60-ns EDO SIMM Kit (2 X 4MB) (D3646B)
    • 16-MB, 60-ns EDO SIMM Kit (2 X 8MB) (D3647B)
    • 32-MB, 60-ns EDO SIMM Kit (2 X 16MB) (D3648B)
    • 64-MB, 60-ns EDO SIMM Kit (2 X 32MB) (D4543A)
    • 4-MB, Bulk EDO Memory (pack of 20 SIMMs) (D2878A)
    • 8-MB, Bulk EDO Memory (pack of 20 SIMMs) (D2879A)
    • 16-MB, Bulk EDO Memory (pack of 20 SIMMs) (D3649A)
  • 512-KB pipeline burst-synchronous cache (D4599A)2
Data storage
  • Supported hard disk drives:
    • 1.28-GB EIDE(D2785A)3
    • 2.5-GB EIDE(D2786A)3
    • 8X-speed EIDE CD-ROM drive (D4381A)
  • Supported TRAVAN tape drives:
    • HPColorado T1000 800-MB Internal Tape Drive (C4329DA)
    • HPColorado T3000 3.2-GB Internal Tape Drive (C4341A)
  • Mounting trays:
    • Set of five 5.25-inch DAT/CD-ROM mounting trays (for non-HP devices) (D2880A)
Video upgrades
  • 1-MB, 60-ns DRAM upgrade kit for standard models (D3500A)
  • 2-MB WRAM upgrade kit for high-performance models (D3557A)
  • 6-MB WRAM upgrade kit for high-performance models available from Matrox
Video monitors
  • Full range of standard or ergonomic HP monitors
LAN accessories
  • HP Coax Module for HP Vectra XM PC Series 4 integrated LAN (D3979A)
  • HP DeskDirect 10/100VG PCI LAN adapter (J2585B)
  • HP DeskDirect 10/100VG ISA LAN adapter (J2573A)
  • HP DeskDirect 10/100TX PCI LAN adapter (J3171A)
Processor upgrades
  • Intel OverDrive for Pentium-based systems (when available)
Setup and user guides
  • HP Vectra XM PC Series 4 Manual Kit (D3960B)
Multimedia accessories
  • HPAudio/CDAccessory (D4179A)4

1 Must upgrade in pairs of identical SIMMs.

2 Available November 1, 1996.

3 Available in November 1996.

4 Available for resellers only.

Configurations and Models

Name Model Product Number1 RAM External Cache Hard Disk Ethernet LAN Video CD-ROM / Audio
Standard Models
HP Vectra XM4  5/120 M1 D3967A 16 MB 256KB   Yes S3 Trio64  
M840 D3968A 16 MB 256KB 840 MB Yes S3 Trio64  
M1280 D3975A 16 MB 256KB 1.28GB Yes S3 Trio64  
HP Vectra XM4  5/133 M1 D3970A 16 MB 256KB   Yes S3 Trio64  
M840 D4223A 16 MB 256KB 840 MB Yes S3 Trio64  
M1280 D3977A 16 MB 256KB 1.28GB Yes S3 Trio64  
HP Vectra XM4  5/150 M1 D3972A 16 MB 256 KB   Yes    
M1280 D3978A 16 MB 256 KB 1.28GB Yes S3 Trio64  
HP Vectra XM4  5/166 M1 D4220A 16 MB 256 KB   Yes S3 Trio64  
M1280 D4221A 16 MB 256 KB 1.28GB Yes S3 Trio64  
High Performance Models
HP Vectra XM4  5/133 M1280 D4228A 16 MB 256 KB 1.28GB Yes Matrox Yes
HP Vectra XM4  5/166 M2500 D42241A 16 MB 256 KB 2.5GB Yes Matrox Yes
HP Vectra XM4  5/200 M1 D4225A 16 MB 256KB   Yes Matrox  
M1280 D4226A 16 MB 256KB 1.28GB Yes Matrox Yes
M2500 D4227A 16 MB 256KB 2.5GB Yes Matrox Yes

1 Language option must be specified: for example "ABA" for U.S. English.

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