HP Vectra XU Pentium(R) Pro PC

  • Intel Pentium Pro 180- or 200-MHz processor with support for dual processing
  • High-performance, 128-bit memory architecture with ECC DIMM support
  • Integrated Ultra SCSI and PCI Bus Master Enhanced-IDE controllers
  • Integrated, high-quality Sound BlasterTM Pro-compatible 16-bit audio
  • 32-bit PCI professional video solution with 64-bit graphics engine featuring 3D hardware acceleration
  • 10/100VG AnyLAN or 10/100Base-T high-speed PCI LAN interface

System Features

  • Intel Pentium Pro 180- or 200-MHz processor
  • Support for Intel MPS 1.1 for dual-processor technology
  • Expandable minitower
  • Keyboard included; mouse included with hard disk models
  • 16-KB Level 1 internal to processor: 8-KB (data) two-way set-associative with write-back policy and 8-KB (instruction) four-way set-associative
  • 256-KB Level 2 internal to processor: four-way set-associative with write-back policy
  • 32-MB (2 x 16-MB), 64-MB (2 x 32-MB), or 128-MB (2 x 64-MB) 60-ns, industry-standard ECC DIMMs1
    • Expandable to 512-MB 2 (memory must be upgraded in pairs of like industry-standard DIMMs
    • ECC for detection and correction of 1-bit errors and detection of 2-bit errors
    • 128-bit memory data path with interleaving for improved performance
  • Integrated Sound Blaster 16 and Sound Blaster Pro-compatible, high-quality audio solution
  • Standards-based audio processor with compression/decompression algorithms
  • Built-in speaker and ergonomic volume control
Mass storage shelves
  • Five front-accessible shelves:
    • Two third-height 3.5-inch (floppy drive installed in top shelf)
    • Three half-height 5.25-inch (8X-speed IDE CD-ROM drive installed in bottom shelf
  • Two third-height 3.5-inch internal shelves:
    • Upper shelf accepts up to 1.6-inch height disk drives
    • Lower shelf accepts 1-inch height disk drives
Accessory slots
  • Six full-length slots: Two 16-bit ISA; one 16-bit ISA/PCI; three PCI (MM card and 10/100VG AnyLAN or 10Base-T/100Base-T card installed in two PCI slots on all hard disk models)
Floppy disk drive
  • Third-height, 3.5-inch, 1.44-MB floppy drive preinstalled
Hard disk drives
  • 2-GB or 4-GB SCSI drives
  • High-speed, 8X-speed IDE CD-ROM
Hard Disk Controller
  • Integrated PCI Ultra SCSI controller with support for internal and external SCSI peripherals
  • Integrated PCI Bus Master Enhanced-IDE interfaces for up to four internal IDE devices
Built-in I/O
  • One 25-pin parallel port (ECP bidirectional Centronics supporting IEEE 1284)
  • Two 9-pin serial ports
  • One external, high-density SCSI port
  • Mini-DIN keyboard and mouse ports
  • One MIDI/joystick connector
  • Audio ports (audio-in, audio-out)
  • VESA feature connector for VGA pass-through (on MM graphics card)
  • 15-pin VGA connector
  • ZIF socket for addition of second processor
  • Upgradable to future Intel OverDriveTM for Pentium Pro-based processors (when available)
  • Memory upgrades using 60-ns industry-standard DIMMs (added in pairs)
  • BIOS in flash ROM
Operating system support and certification
  • HP-supported and -certified operating systems: Windows (r) NT Workstation 3.51(1), Windows NT and certification Workstation 4.0, Windows 95(1), and Windows for Workgroups 3.11
  • HP-certified operating system: SunSoft Solaris 2.53

1 HP recommends and supports only HP-supplied memory upgrade modules.
2 To achieve the maximum memory configuration of 512-MB, the system's base memory must be 128-MB.
3 Certification pending.

Graphics Subsystem

High-performance graphics
  • Matrox Millennium card installed in one PCI slot
    • 64-bit graphics accelerator on PCI bus
    • Integrated graphics, video, and 3D acceleration for professional, graphics-intensive applications
    • Supports DDC2B
  • 2-MB, dual-ported WRAM, upgradable to 4-MB (HP-supplied accessory D3557A) or 8-MB (Matrox-supplied accessory)
  • Improves performance by simultaneously processing graphics and screen output
Available drivers (on CD-ROM)
  • Windows NT Workstation 3.51, Windows 95, MS-DOS® 6.22, Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, IBM® OS/2® 2.1 plus Warp Connect, ADI 4.2 for AutoCADTM Releases 12 and 13, MicroStation 5.0,VESA 2.0
Resolution 256 colors (8-bit) 65K colors (16-bit) 16.7M colors /True color (24-/32bit)
640 X 480 2MB 60-120 Hz 2MB 60-120 Hz 2MB 60-120 Hz
800 X 600 2MB 60-120 Hz 2MB 60-120 Hz 2MB 60-120 Hz
1024 X 768 2MB 60-120 Hz 2MB 60-120 Hz 4MB 60-120 Hz
1280 X 1024 2MB 60-90 Hz 4MB 60-90 Hz 4MB 60-90 Hz
1600 X 1200 2MB 60-72 Hz 4MB 60-72 Hz 8MB 60-72 Hz

Communication Features

Ethernet interface
  • 10/100VG AnyLAN or 10/100Base-T selectable PCI LAN adapter on hard drive models
Media Access Control (MAC) address
  • Visible in setup program; no need to open PC
Available LAN drivers (on CD-ROM)
  • MS-DOS ODI client for Novell® NetWare® 3.X, 4.X
  • OS/2 ODI client for Novell NetWare 3.X, 4.X
  • 32-bit ODI for Windows NT Workstation requester
  • NDIS 2.01 client DOS (Microsoft® LAN Manager, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Banyan VINES®, Sun PC-NFS, ArtiSoft LANtasticTM, FTP PC-TCP, DEC PathWorksTM, NDIS 2.01 client OS/2 (Microsoft LAN Manager, Warp Connect)
  • NDIS 3.00 client (Windows NT Workstation, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Windows 95)
  • Integrated, multiprotocol, software-selectable boot-ROM for Novell® and Microsoft® networks
Online network administrator guide
  • Online information on remote booting and network setup in all supported environments
Easy driver updates
  • Latest LAN information and drivers available directly from CompuServeTM, World Wide Web (www.hp.com/go/vectra), and HP BBS
Plug-&-Play LAN
  • PCI LAN controller for optimal network performance and ease of configuration Network client certifications (pending)
  • Certified to run as a client PC in Microsoft, Novell, and IBM network operating system environments
Flexible Internet access
  • Netscape Navigator 2.0; Free upgrade to version 3.0 when available from Netscape

Features for Trouble-Free Personal Computing

Data reliability
  • ECC memory detects and corrects 1-bit errors and detects 2-bit errors
  • Chassis keylock and security bracket
  • Power-on password
  • Setup and password protection in EEPROM to protect against unauthorized modification
  • Reset and power-off disabled when keyboard is locked
  • System administrator password for configuration protection
  • Network server mode allows system to be started with keyboard locked
  • Boot control and I/O port and drive enable/disable
  • Asset tracking with factory hard-coded serial number and customizable PC identification field
Ergonomic/environmental design
  • Low-noise, variable-speed fan for temperature control
  • Small-footprint minitower
  • Non-interlaced resolutions up to 1600x1200 and refresh rates up to 120 Hz
  • Large selection of MPRII- and EPA ENERGY STARSM-certified displays
  • CFC-free manufacturing process
  • No-battery, system retains settings after power-off for extended periods
Bundled operating system
  • Windows NT Workstation 3.51 (hard disk models)
Ease of setup
  • Plug-&-Play PCI architecture for automatic configuration of PCI peripheral cards
  • Plug-&-Play BIOS
  • Setup program in Flash EEPROM
  • Plug-&-Play automatic detection of major components at power-on
  • Power-on self-test (POST) displays startup errors, suggests solutions
  • Built-in boot-ROM allows application installation from remote server
  • Snap on/off cover; no screws
  • All internal components easily accessed/replaced
  • BIOS stored in flash EEPROM for fast and easy updates
  • Industry-leading technical support program
  • Free 3-year limited warranty (1-year on-site, next-business-day; 2-year carry-in parts and labor)

Optional Accessories

Memory upgrades
  • 512-MB maximum ECC memory
  • 32-MB (2 X 16-MB) 60-ns ECC industry-standard DIMM (D3555A)
  • 64-MB (2 X 32-MB) 60-ns ECC industry-standard DIMM (D3554B)
  • 128-MB (2 X 64-MB) 60-ns ECC industry-standard DIMM (D3540A)
Data storage
  • Supported floppy drives:
    • 3.5-inch, 1.44-MB third-height (D2035B); 5.25-inch, 1.2-MB half-height (D2881B)
  • Mounting rails:
    • Set of five 3.5-inch mounting rails (D3566A)
    • Set of five 5.25-inch DAT/CD-ROM drive mounting rails (D2880A)
  • Supported SCSI hard drives:
    • 2-GB, 3.5-inch (D2926A)
    • 4-GB, 3.5-inch (D2797A)
Video upgrade
  • 2-MB WRAM upgrade kit (D3557A)1
Video monitors
  • Full range of standard and ergonomic HP video monitors
Processor upgrades
  • Intel Pentium Pro 150-MHz processor companion upgrade (D3559A)2
  • Intel Pentium Pro 180-/200-MHz processor companion upgrade (D4351A)2
  • Intel OverDrive for Intel Pentium Pro-based processors (when available)
Setup accessories
  • HP Vectra XU PC User Manual (D3538C)
Archiving/backup devices
  • HP SureStore tape drives:
    • HP SureStore Tape 6000i, 8-GB Internal DAT drive (C1528F)
    • HP SureStore Tape 5000i, 4-GB Internal DAT drive (C1526G)
    • HP SureStore Tape 2000i, 2-GB Internal DAT drive (C1525G)
  • HP SureStore CD-Writer 4020i: 4X-speed CD reader, 2X-speed CD recorder (C4324B)
LAN accessories
  • HP DeskDirect 10/100VG (10Base-T and 100-Mb/s 100VG) (J2585B)
  • HP DeskDirect 10/100BT (10Base-T and 100-Mb/s 100Base-T) (J3171A)

1 6-MB WRAM upgrade available from Matrox.
2 For use with operating systems supporting Intel MPS 1.1 for dual-processor technology.

Configurations and Models

HP Vectra XU

Name3 Part Number4 RAM Hard Disk (SCSI) LAN Interface Bundled Graphics7 Operating System5
HP Vectra
XU 6/180
D4343A 32MB     MM  
  D4342B 32MB 2GB 10BT/100VG MM Windows NT WS 3.51
  D4344N 32MB 2GB 10BT/100BT MM Windows NT WS 3.51
HP Vectra
XU 6/200
D4348A 32MB     MM  
  D4347B 32MB 2GB 10BT/100VG MM Windows NT WS 3.51
  D4349N 32MB 2GB 10BT/100BT MM Windows NT WS 3.51
  D4350N 32MB 4GB 10BT/100BT MM Windows NT WS 3.51
HP Vectra
XU 6/200DP6
D4352N 64MB 4GB 10BT/100BT MM Windows NT WS 3.51

3 All models include an 8X-speed IDE CD-ROM drive and integrated audio.
4 Language option must be specified; for example, "ABA" for U.S. English.
5 WS = Workstation.
6 DP = dual processor.
7 MM = Matrox Millennium

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Last Modified 4 November 1996.