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Windows NT Option Pack Update for IIS Available for Download

The information in this article applies to:
  • Microsoft Windows NT Server Option Pack version 4.0
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server version 4.0


Microsoft has identified problems in the Windows NT Server Option Pack (NTOP) version 4.0. Specifically, they impact its built-in integrated Web server, Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) version 4.0.

The following Internet Information Server version 4.0 Option Pack improvements include, but are not limited to:

  • The security enhancements discussed in the following articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

          ARTICLE-ID: Q188806
          TITLE     : NTFS Alternate Data Stream Name of a File May Return
          ARTICLE-ID: Q189262
          TITLE     : FTP Passive Mode May Terminate Session
  • Support for long file names for access restrictions on a file or a folder
  • IIS 4.0 performance on extension mapping
  • IIS 4.0 memory performance for mapping log files
  • IIS 4.0 performance in mapping unmapped data files if memory configuration is low or stressed
  • The fix for the problem discussed in the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

          ARTICLE-ID: Q185349
          TITLE     : Problems Remotely Accessing W3 or FTP Perfmon Counters
WARNING: The Windows NT Option Pack Update for IIS does not provide support for Visual InterDev 6.0 ASP server-side script debugging. If you install this update, you will not be able to debug ASP pages using the Visual InterDev debugger.


A supported fix that corrects these problems is now available from Microsoft, but has not been fully regression-tested and should be applied only to systems experiencing these specific problems. If you are not severely affected by these specific problems, Microsoft recommends that you wait for the next Windows NT service pack that contains this fix.

To resolve this problem immediately, download the fix as described below. For a complete list of Microsoft Product Support Services phone numbers and information on support costs, please go to the following address on the World Wide Web:

The English version of this fix has the following version or later:

   Affected File   Version

   Adsiis.dll      4.02.0664
   Asp.dll         4.02.0664
   Coadmin.dll     4.02.0664
   Convlog.exe     4.02.0664
   Fscfg.dll       4.02.0664
   Ftpctrs2.dll    4.02.0664
   Ftpsvc2.dll     4.02.0664
   Httpodbc.dll    4.02.0664
   Iis.dll         4.02.0664
   Iisadmin.dll    4.02.0664
   Iislog.dll      4.02.0664
   Iisui.dll       4.02.0664
   Inetmgr.dll     4.02.0664
   Infoadmn.dll    4.02.0664
   Infocomm.dll    4.02.0664
   Isatq.dll       4.02.0664
   Iscomlog.dll    4.02.0664
   Iwrps.dll       4.02.0664
   Keyring.exe     4.02.0664
   Lonsint.dll     4.02.0664
   Metadata.dll    4.02.0664
   Myinfo.dll      4.02.0664
   Nsepm.dll       4.02.0664
   Pws.exe         4.02.0664
   Pwsdata.dll     4.02.0664
   W3ctrs.dll      4.02.0664
   W3ext.dll       4.02.0664
   W3scfg.dll      4.02.0664
   W3svc.dll       4.02.0664
   Wam.dll         4.02.0664
   Wamps.dll       4.02.0664
   Wamreg.dll      4.02.0664
   Wamregps.dll    4.02.0664

This hotfix has been posted to the following Internet locations:

The symbol files have been posted to the following Internet locations:

NOTE: The above links are one path; they have been wrapped for readability.


To remove this package, perform the following steps:

1. Use Windows NT Explorer to go to the folder where IIS is installed (this

   folder is C:\Winnt\System32\Inetsrv by default).

2. Double-click Rmiisupd.cmd and then follow the instructions on your

This command script restores your IIS files to the versions you had before installing the IIS Update. You may be required to reboot your computer when the removal is complete.

Additional query words: 4.00 iisqfeupdate qfeupd iisupd Iis_hotfix.htm

Keywords          : kbfix4.00 kbbug4.00
Version           : WinNT:4.0
Platform          : winnt
Hardware          : ALPHA x86
Issue type        : kbbug
Solution Type     : kbfix

Last Reviewed: November 10, 1998
© 1999 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Terms of Use.

Article ID: Q192224

Last Reviewed:
November 10, 1998

Provided by Support Online from Microsoft Product Support Services.

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