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The Acc2Date.exe file contains an update for Microsoft Access 2.0 that changes the way Access 2.0 interprets dates with a two-digit year.

NOTE: The Acc2Date.exe file was updated on December 10, 1999. This update fixes a problem that may cause the size of your database to increase significantly after the installation of previous versions of the update. If you have a database that was affected by this problem, you should restore your database from a backup after you have applied the most recent Access 2.0 Date Update files, and then compact your database.

is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center. It contains the following files:
   File name     Version      Description
   MSABC200.DLL  2.3          The Updated Access Basic file
   MSAJT200.DLL  The Updated Access Jet Engine file
   MSAJU200.DLL  The Updated Access Jet Utilities file
   Readme.txt    n/a          A Readme file containing installation
                              information and the End User Licensing
The Acc2Date.exe file contains three updated files that modify the way Microsoft Access 2.0 interprets two-digit years. By default, Access 2.0 interprets all dates that are entered by the user or imported from a text file to fall within the 1900s. After applying the updated files, Access 2.0 will treat two-digit years that the user enters based on a 100-year sliding date range, and two-digit years that are imported from text based on a fixed date range.

For more information about how to download files from the Microsoft Download Center, please visit the Download Center at the following Web address
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NOTE: Because there are several versions of Windows, the following steps may be different on your computer. If they are, please consult your product documentation to complete these steps.
  1. Download the Acc2Date.exe file to any folder on your hard disk.

  2. Search for the Msabc200.dll file on your hard disk and rename the file to Msabc200.old. The Msabc200.dll file is typically located in the Windows\System folder (C:\Windows\System).

  3. Search for the Msajt200.dll file on your hard disk and rename the file to Msajt200.old. The Msajt200.dll file is typically located in the Windows\System folder (C:\Windows\System).

  4. Search for the Msaju200.dll file on your hard disk and rename the file to Msaju200.old. The Msaju200.dll file is typically located in the folder where Access 2.0 is installed (C:\Access).

    IMPORTANT: You may have more than one copy of the Msaju200.dll file on your computer. For example, if you have installed the Access 2.0 Service Pack, you will have a second copy of Msaju200.dll in the Windows\System folder (C:\Windows\System). It is important that you rename all copies of the file for this update to work.

  5. Run the downloaded file, Acc2Date.exe, by double-clicking the file in Windows Explorer or in File Manager. By default, the program will expand the files into the C:\Windows\Temp folder on your hard disk. If the folder doesn't exist, it will be created automatically. If you decide to change the folder, remember the folder name where you expanded the files.

  6. Copy the Msabc200.dll file from C:\Accupd to the Windows\System folder (C:\Windows\System).

  7. Copy the Msajt200.dll file from C:\Accupd to the Windows\System folder (C:\Windows\System).

  8. Copy the Msaju200.dll file from C:\Accupd to the Windows\System folder (C:\Windows\System).

  9. Open the C:\Windows\Win.ini file in any text editor, such as Notepad.

    NOTE: If you did not install Windows to the default folder, replace C:\Windows with the folder that you did install Windows into.

  10. Scroll down to the end of the Win.ini file, and then type the following lines at the end of the Win.ini file:
    [Microsoft Access 2.0]
    IMPORTANT: If you do not set the value for the sliding date window, Access 2.0 will assume that the two-digit years fall within the 1900s.

  11. Save the changes, and then close the Win.ini file.

  12. After the updated files are installed on your computer, back up and compact your Access 2.0 databases.

The next time that you run Access 2.0, the interpretation of dates will be changed.

For additional information about the specific problems that this update fixes, click the article numbers below to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
Q75455 ACC2: Years Between 00 and 29 Are Interpreted as 1900 to 1929
Q230593 ACC2: All Two-Digit Dates Imported from Text Resolved in 1900s
Q245549 ACC2: Error Message Running Query After Installing the Access 2.0 Two-Digit Date Update
For more information about how Microsoft products are affected by year 2000 (Y2K) issues, please see the following Microsoft World Wide Web site:

Release History

The Access 2.0 Date Update has been release three times prior to the current release. Following are the dates and the details of the files included in each version of the release.

Version 3
Released November 8, 1999
   File name     Version
   MSABC200.DLL  2.3
Version 2
Released September 30, 1999
   File name     Version
   MSABC200.DLL  2.2
Version 1
Released May 7, 1999
   File name     Version
   MSABC200.DLL  2.1
   MSAJT200.DLL  2,50.0.2819 


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