Office Professional 4.xx  (German) - 16-Bit Win
Product Summary
Product: Office Professional 4.xx
Category: Compliant*#
Operating System: 16-Bit Win
Language: German Release Date: N/A
Operational Range: -
Prerequisites: Access 2.0 Software Update (instructions and download)
Product Dependencies: Windows 3.1, or Windows NT 3.0 or greater
Clock Dependencies: System clock
Last Updated: 19 May 1999

Product Details
The compliance of Office Professional 4.xx has changed from Not Compliant to Compliant# with the release of the Access 2.0 software update. See below for details

Operational Range for Data: System dependent

Release Date: October 1993 – October 1994

What are the issues?

Office 4.x Professional Edition is compliant# because Access 2.x recognizes two-digit dates as falling in the 20th century. As a result, you must enter all 4-digits of the year for Access 2 to interpret the date as being in the 21st century, which is remediated with the application of the Access 2.0 software update..

Microsoft PowerPoint handles 2-digit dates for date field display only. User entry is text only and not considered a date representation. There is no conversion for user entry.

Opening Microsoft PowerPoint 95 or Microsoft PowerPoint 97 files in Microsoft PowerPoint 4 with the use of the import converters PP7TRANS.DLL (16 bit) and PP8TRANS.DLL will result in an incorrect date format. Presentations created in Microsoft PowerPoint 95 or Microsoft PowerPoint 97 after 1999 with 'update automatically' date formats containing 2-digit years will be incorrectly displayed in PowerPoint 4 as a 2-digit year preceded by a "1". To work around this incorrect display, do not use 2-digit year formats when selecting 'update automatically'. Another workaround is to open the presentation in PowerPoint 95 or Microsoft PowerPoint 97 and resave it in the Microsoft PowerPoint 4 file format. For this method to work, you must replace the original PP7TRANS.DLL that shipped with Office 95 and Office 97 with, PP7TRANS.DLL version 7.07.1060 (for the U.S.). This download is available in both the PowerPoint 95 and PowerPoint 97 product guide. There is no fix currently available for the correcting the PowerPoint 4 installation.

The below information refers to the code that is shared between Office 4.x documents. Please see the individual applications for more detailed information on the product.

Description of how the product handles dates:

All dates and times that are displayed or query-able by the user are obtained from the operating system's date and time, stored as fully qualified four-digit year dates and displayed according to user settings in the operating system. Setup has no date sensitivity, except with identifying qualified upgrade products. Since the dates of these products are handled by the operating system and do not change, year 2000 does not affect this behavior.

2-digit shortcut handling:

System display options only within the shared Microsoft Office features. See individual applications.

Common date usage errors:

       Data exchange between Microsoft Office applications should avoid use of plain text data. If it is necessary to use plain text data, it should be saved and manipulated with the full four-digit year.
Text values that contain date data should be checked to ensure that they contain the full four-digit year.
Data entered or imported into Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint, which do not have data typing in the document format, will be treated as simple text. Those applications should not be used to store dates for which calculations are based (except in the instance of document properties).

Testing Guidelines and Recommendations:

In general, avoid testing in a production environment because we cannot predict side effects with other non-compliant products. Interoperability testing across all Microsoft Office products can be conducted safely.

Area    SubArea    Microsoft's Testing Summary   
File    Open/Save Dialog    Document management features include file open/save bringing up the proper "OK to Replace?" confirmation dialog when attempting to save a file after the date/time has been changed.   
         Creation date of file    Create a file created on January 1st, 2000. Perform a search using an Office App for files created after December 30th, 1999 and verify that the file was found.   
         Last modified date of file    Create a file last modified on January 1st, 2000. Perform a search using an Office App for files last modified after December 30th, 1999 and verify that the file was found.   
Setup    Maintenance Mode    Complete install is a superset of other options. Should be performed on clean machine and on machine with Office version 4.x installed with all combinations spanning the turn of the century.   
         Remove All   


Legend of Symbols:
* Indicates the product is compliant, with recommended customer action. This indicates a prerequisite action is recommended which may include loading a software update or reading a document.
# Indicates the product is compliant, with acceptable deviations from Microsoft's standard of compliance. An acceptable deviation does not affect the core functionality (ex: data integrity) or stability (ex: reliability) of the product.
+ Indicates the product is compliant, with pending software updates. Future maintenance actions will be recommended shortly.
Note: Compliance ratings given for each product assume that all recommended actions have been taken.

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